Service Around the Clock:

Cerefco’s technical team provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also call Inductotherm’s technical support team anytime and speak with a highly qualified and knowledgeable member of their service team for additional technical assistance.

Service Technicians:

Cerefco’s service technicians are best equipped to help you keep your equipment in top condition and are available for repair, rebuild, and preventative maintenance of induction heating equipment. As the agents for Inductotherm in Southern Africa, the backing we get from Inductotherm’s support team is the strongest and most experienced in the industry and together we know what safety and productivity modifications and upgrades are available.

Factory-Specified Parts:

Cerefco’s inside Sales Team provides customer support for part replacement, and we stock a large inventory of spare parts to ensure maximum up-time at your installation. Our service technicians only install parts that meet Inductotherm factory specifications for optimum performance. Please contact our Sales Department directly for all your Inductotherm parts requirements.

On-Site Training:

Appropriate, accurate and effective training is essential for maximizing productivity and safety of melt shop personnel. Cerefco offers expert, on-site training in a wide range of melt shop-related subjects, from furnace operation and safety to equipment maintenance.

Coil Repair:

We are pleased to announce that Inductotherm in partnership with Cerefco has established a state-of-the-art OEM coil repair workshop. This new venture has been very well received and we have been blessed with plenty of coil repair work. During the repair process we will be able to bring the coil back to OEM standards. Inductotherm takes great pride in its coil repairs by completely stripping all the insulation off the coil and by sandblasting the coil to bare copper, we are able to spot any problem areas and fix them. Generally, the life span of the repaired coil will be just as long as when the coil was originally supplied.

Power Leads:

In partnership with Inductotherm, we have also established an OEM water cooled power lead manufacturing facility at Cerefco’s offices. We are able to make Inductotherm power leads to your specifications and to Inductotherm’s strict quality standards.

Please contact Cerefco for all your service and parts requirements.